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    Butwal has been established as one of the business and industrial city among the major cities in Nepal.As a business centre of western Nepal and headquarter of Lumbini zone it has been popularly known as traditional and  historical  city.In the view of transportation service it has been playing a very vital role.The roads which has been constructed with the establishment of this city are the proof for the development of Butwal. Two important highways in this city located in the central of Nepal has made  Butwal proudly known as city of transportation.
      There are about 45 business and professional associations and West Nepal Bus Enterpreneurs Association is one  of the founder member among them. It has been established in 2026 with the approval of District Administration office .At present it has been conducting transportation service through out nation with its own unique identity among various associations in nation.Along with 22 hundred staff it has not only being working for the rights of its staff but also has been working to enhance their potentiality and capability.In addition to this it has been conducting training and seminar for minimization of road accidents.At present it has been providing transportation service in each and every corner of city where there is road facility.
     It has been established during 2026 by our senior bus entrepreneur with very few vehicles .At that time it has been only 50 years that buses started running in Butwal.During the time when we used to reach Nautanuwa,India by walking through bushy way this association was established with the aim to terminate the unhealthy competation among the association.All the bus enterperneurs and all the people in society are well known that this association has been accepting the national changes and also working to bring new change according to need of time and generation.
       After 43 years of its establishment with the large investment of about billion rupees it has been paying paying million of taxes to the government. About two thousand busses has been providing services through this association 
        Government of Nepal has banned the use of busses more than 20 yearsold but has not given any aid but association itself has banned the busses older than 1991 model  and provided aid itself from the amt collected by the hard labour of bus entrepreneur.Due to this passengers are provided relief from old and uncomfort vehicles.
        This association is not only limited within entrepreneurs .It has contributed lot for the improvement of social, financial,educational and tourism sectors and its known to all.Beside providing finalcial support to different institutions it has supported construction of cabin in Lumbini Zonal Hospital , construction of view tower in Hillpark,construction of passenger waiting station in Bhairahawa,construction of various physical facility in Lumbini Banijya campus and Butwal Multiple college and also suppoted construction of Bhanu Park and these are only the few examples.So that there is a popular saying the one who come with the thought of social development has not to be returned empty hands.Beside this association has helped a lot for the vehicle in accident and entrepreneurs in different difficulties.Association has been conductind regular training for reducing the accidents and improving the efficiency of the driver and conductor.It has also been doing cross checking towards the faults of drivers .
      Bus entrepreneurs have not only conducted business for themselves bus also have worked to reduce the unemployment problem.Directly and indirectly about six thousand people have been employed and 20 thousand family members are dependent on them.

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